Proven Efficacy

60 hours of continued & optimal hydration

The research study* focused on the short and medium term skin hydration effects that result from continuous daily application of three Moana Skincare products over a period of 14 days.

The products trialled were;

• Moana Pure Drop of Youth Renewal Cream
• Moana Pure Drop of Youth Instant Lifting Mask
• Moana Pure Drop of Youth Serum

During the 14 day application period the combination of the Instant Lifting Mask, Serum and Renewal Day provided increased skin hydration from the first application.

Upon cessation of all Moana products – on day 14 - the increase in hydration was maintained for up to 60 hours after the last application.


* The data was collected as part of a controlled trial involving human volunteers by a leading science R&D provider

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