Our unique ingredients and technology have resulted in the formulation of truly effective, instantly performing organic skincare products. These encourage the immediate penetration of bioactive ingredients, providing long lasting hydration, regeneration and protection.

  1. Glycoplus® INCI Name: Algae extract
 is naturally processed native red seaweed, certified organic by Asure Quality New Zealand.
  2. Glycoplus® is a pure product of native New Zealand’s red seaweed which works as a carrier and can naturally diffuse into your skin.
Glycoplus® 100% naturally it helps re-vitalizes your skin, while triggering your cell’s own glycans to maintain and improve hydration, nourishment and regeneration.
  4. Glycoplus® helps achieve luminosity, hydration, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  5. We eco-harvest our red seaweed from the cold, nutrient rich arctic currents of New Zealand.

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