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From a warm subtropical climate in the far north to cool temperate climates in the south (including severe alpine conditions in the mountainous areas*), New Zealand's climate is as diverse, complicated and unique as its flora and fauna.

“Mountain chains extending the length of New Zealand provide a barrier for the prevailing westerly winds, dividing the country into dramatically different climate regions. The West Coast of the South Island is the wettest area of New Zealand, whereas the area to the east of the mountains, just over 100 kilometres away, is the driest.” – National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)*

As a result, plants in New Zealand have developed a range of powerful anti-oxidants and even, in some cases, triple the membrane protection of flora found elsewhere in order to protect themselves from environmental stresses – this alone gives Moana’s extracts very high levels of antioxidants, and an edge when it comes to skin protection and anti-hydration properties.

Certified organic Moana Skincare also uses other botanical oils from plants, fruits and trees grown in New Zealand. The country's volcanic soil, climate and resulting DNA structure of most plants and trees adds a special quality to our products.

For example, New Zealand grown avocados have one of the highest Beta-Sitosterol levels in the world (approximately 950mg per 100g compared to 750mg per 100g grown elsewhere) and are rich in Vitamin E, which makes it ideal as a base product in skin treatments.

But it's the native flora that exhibit the most marvels:

  • Mamaku Black fern – Used by New Zealand Maori as a poultice, Mamaku extract also helps protect and hydrate the skin while promoting healthy skin renewal.
  • Kawakawa – Kawakawa oils and extracts are remarkable for their ability to sooth and heal.
  • Harakeke (New Zealand flax) – The nectar offers superior anti-inflammatory and hydration potency than Aloe Vera.

When you use Moana natural skincare products, you are applying oils and extracts – along with Moana's marine glycan serum – that will leave your skin visibly healthy and radiant in a short space of time.

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