Getting your skin used to bioactive products

Getting your skin used to bioactive products

Introduce Moana skincare gradually

Moana is organic skincare alive with bio-active goodness. When introducing Moana’s creams and serums into your skin, you may experience a normal temporary redness due to the highly active nature of our products.

Our skin is the largest and most responsive organ in the human body however, it may not be accustomed to totaly natural skincare with high levels of bio-active extracts and oils. At Moana we strongly believe in incorporating only the most effective, high-quality and precious ingredients into our offering.

We assure you that getting used to our products is well worth it!

In order to support your skin’s needs and fully absorb all the nutrients within Moana, we encourage you to follow our simple suggestions;
Introduce Moana skincare gradually, product by product. 

Firstly, we suggest you to replace your cleanser with Moana Cleansing Milk, followed by Moana Serum. Then continue your morning skincare routine with your products. After a week or so, you may use only Moana Skincare products. 
This gentle transitional period will allow your skin to grow accustomed to the bioactives over a short period of time, whilst achieving premium results.
Most people only experience a little temporary redness whilst getting used to our product range however, a few might experience an increase in oiliness or breakouts. We ask that you persevere and continue with the application, as this will cease quickly once your skin gets used to Moana.

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