Cosmeceuticals versus Cosmetics

Cosmeceutical products are shown to be effective, if they contain at least 40% of the active ingredients.

Over the last few years cosmetic science has made incredible discoveries in glycobiology and skin biochemistry. 

Cosmetics are now scientifically proven as products that sit on the surface of the skin, just as paint sits on the wall. 
Cosmeceuticals, however, are shown to have a measurable effect on the skin, as the active ingredients are instantly absorbed into the epidermis, just as a sponge absorbs water. 
Cosmeceutical products are shown to be effective, if they contain at least 40% of the active ingredients.

What about Bio-Cosmeceuticals in Moana skincare?

Cosmeceuticals are mainly laboratory produced skincare products, designed to increase the penetration of the active ingredients while enhancing their efficiency. 

Moana’s Bioactive Cosmeceuticals - have an increased efficiency due to the natural properties of glycans from New Zealand red seaweed.These glycans in combination with potent vitamins and superb native New Zealand botanical extracts create a remarkable combination which provides almost instant benefits for the skin in a totally natural way.

How Moana’s Bio-Cosmeceuticals work?

Moana has made a huge leap forward in the quest for anti-ageing skin care industry.

Nature’s most potent antioxidants present in Moana’s bioactive cosmeceutical ingredients have several properties.They protect the skin from free radical damage, visibly improve skin’s lipid barriers, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and help slow down the internal and external ageing processes of the skin.

Besides being abundant in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, bioactive ingredients in Moana range help to stimulate the body’s own cells to encourage them to make more collagen and elastin while reducing the overproduction of melanin. 

Some of the most popular bioactive ingredients in Moana’s cosmeceuticals include
nature’s best skin super foods, antioxidants, vitamins and complex carbohydrate chain called glycans which help to speed up the skin renewal process.

The world’s most superior Bio-Cosmeceutical ingredient, Marine glycans from native New Zealand red seaweed

If you suffer from premature ageing, dull or dry skin, uneven pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles, you may highly benefit from Moana cosmeceutical skincare products containing a significant amount of red seaweed.

Most of red seaweed’s known effects are the result of increased epidermal turnover and the protection of the skin’s lipid barrier and immune function. 

Native New Zealand Red seaweed in Moana skincare range is shown to have immense potency. It is highly rich in complex carbohydrate chain called glycans, vitamins and supreme antioxidants - polyphenols. Besides using other, all-natural, organic ingredients Moana’s whole range harnesses the power of red seaweed, which makes it so successful in treating premature ageing, acne, sun damage, hyper pigmentation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, naturally. 

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