Marine Glycans

Glycobiology a DNA sized breakthrough

"Understanding the nature of these glycans gives us the keys to understanding the ageing process of the skin." - Dr. Bruno A. Bernard in describing glycanbiology as the start of a new era. 

Cosmetic formulators are now aware that our skin will not allow external substances to penetrate beyond the dermal barrier, a fact which has frustrated leading skincare researchers for decades. However, one of the biggest discoveries of our times is that seaweed has become a highly prized ingredient in our industry, due to the fact that its’ molecular structure closely resembles human skin. 
Moana Skincare has discovered that the marine glycans – also known as polysaccharide strains- abundant in seaweed can facilitate the penetration of other nutrients into the layers of the skin, as the structure of these polysaccharides closely resembles our own glycans, which decrease in numbers as we age.
Moana's Red Seaweed Marine Glycans - Glycoplus®:
  1. Hydrate: Strengthen your skin’s barrier function, aiding you in the fight against water-loss 
  2. Nourish: By promoting collagen production, and by facilitating the absorption of proteins vitamins and minerals into your skin, marine glycans support cellular regeneration
  3. Detoxify: Due to diet and environmental pollution, your skin can appear aged and dull. Moana combats free radical damage effectively assisting your skin’s natural detoxification process
  4. Transport: Glycans play a crucial role in facilitating the absorption of essential oils and other precious nutrients deep into your skin

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